If You're Eating This One Type of Meat, You Could Get Seriously Sick

The FSIS has issued an urgent product recall notice on this one brand of "ready-to-eat" chicken after it was discovered it could be undercooked.

Literally just 17 of the best summer dresses under $100.

Summer is officially here. YASSS. It's time for long beach days, sunset drinks and all the cute summer dresses.Watch: These women are owning summer. Post continues below.Video via Mamamia.During the warmer months, we want dresses that we can easily chuck on for multiple occasions - ones that we can wear out for breakfast, to the beach or just to run errands ... Continued

Interior Designers Name the Top Paint Colors for 2021

Your house is due for a refresh, anyway... right? 😍

These Are The Coolest Combat Boots To Carry You Through The Winter

Stylish, sturdy staples everyone should own.

18 Sweet Nurseries That Emphasize Form and Function Over Gender

Time to rethink the pink and blue binary.

Salma Hayek reveals her red-hot Christmas outfit - and fans can't believe it

Frida actress Salma Hayek surprised fans when she revealed her red-hot Christmas outfit on Instagram and it wasn't what they were expecting

15 Preppy Dog Collars for Prim-and-Proper Pups

Because every dog deserves a seersucker bow-tie collar.

The Best Champagne Bottles to Pop This New Years

Whether you're buying by the case or splashing out for a solo celebration, these are the champagnes you should pour.

Spotify 2020 Wrapped Is Out And Here’s How You Can Check Yours

Time to see whom you listen to the most.

Gemma Collins displays insane flexibility as she copies Victoria Beckham's signature leg pose

Gemma Collins channelled her inner Victoria Beckham and displayed her incredible flexibility

If You Have This Candle at Home, Get Rid of It Immediately

If you bought this Dollar Tree candle, get rid of it now—the Consumer Product Safety Commission just reported its recall due to fire safety concerns.

Student Stages Graduation Ceremony At Home After Actual Event Got Cancelled Due To COVID-19

How creative!

Daughter Surprises Mother With RM3,000 Cash Bouquet Made Using All Her Hard-Earned Savings


The Worst Movie of 2020, According to Critics

Theaters were shut down for most of 2020, but movies still came out. Of course, they weren't all winners. Here are the 50 worst-reviewed films of the year.

Important PSA: You Can Watch the 'Brady Bunch' Christmas Movie on Hulu Right Now

*adds A Very Brady Christmas to "My Stuff" immediately*

Baros the Belgian Shepherd is an absolute top dog

We love our lapdogs and lazy dogs, but this brilliant and award-winning canine is worthy of praise.

TikTok star Addison Rae's movie was set to shut down a COVID-19 testing site until LA's mayor intervened

A COVID-19 testing site in Los Angeles was set to be closed due to the filming of a 'She's All That' remake starring TikToker Addison Rae.

'The 4 realistic rules I'm teaching my kids about money.'

We've not been handling much cash in 2020, have we? At the supermarket, my kids simply watch me tap my phone and go, and it got me thinking about what this has taught them about the value of money.After considering what we already do as a family and talking to a financial expert, I believe that these four realistic ‘rules’ ... Continued

This scary exploit gave hackers total remote control of iPhones via Apple’s AWDL protocol

When you think about hackers, you think off sketchy, hooded characters sitting in a far off land, illegally diving into your hard drives and devices, accessing your files, photos, even your webcam—and victims are none the wiser. That’s obviously a dramatisation of the actual process of hacking a device, but a newly-discovered exploit comes pretty […] The post This scary exploit gave hackers total remote control of iPhones via Apple’s AWDL...

Holographic Nails Are the Perfect New Year's Eve Manicure Idea

New year, new nails.

Princess Eugenie's latest maternity outfit is too gorgeous - designer boots included

Princess Eugenie has been pictured shopping for maternity clothes in London - looking beautiful in a chic black mini dress

Feast Your Eyes Upon Every Royal Family Christmas Card We Could Get Our Hands On

Charles and Camilla simply can't stop doing the most.

These Tofu and Cauliflower Steaks Deserve a Spot at Your Christmas Dinner

Even meat lovers will be reaching for seconds.

The Arecibo Observatory collapses way before it could be safely demolished

A little more than a week ago, we reported that the Arecibo dish at the the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico was to be demolished as the main cable that supported the Arecibo Observatory broke. The plan would take weeks to develop, but the National Science Foundation (NSF) has reported that the observatory had already collapsed. […] The post The Arecibo Observatory collapses way before it could be safely demolished appeared first on...

This Type of Face Mask Isn't Protecting You From COVID, WHO Warns

WHO released new mask guidelines that clearly specify there's one type of face covering that won't do enough to protect you: a face shield.

40+ Different Simple Self-Care Tasks That'll Change Your Life This Year

Check one off your list each week all year long.

How to make your home into an office, classroom, and more without sacrificing a calm living space

From room dividers to rugs, interior designers shared the best tips for making your space productive and calming while working and learning from home.

Fans applaud Harry Styles for his response to Candace Owens as she continues to go off about him on Twitter

The "Fine Line" singer reacted to previous comments made by the conservative commentator and, in response, she doubled-down on her stance.

Auditors trade cushy jobs to rough it out as fig-growers

With a fig farm in Bentong, Figara11 aims to bring ripe, sweet figs to Malaysians all year long.

Declan Donnelly makes relatable confession about parenting daughter Isla with wife Ali Astall

I'm A Celebrity's Declan Donnelly has talked about becoming a parent to daughter Isla with his wife Ali Astall.

Pregnant Princess Eugenie spotted maternity shopping at one of Duchess Kate's favourite shops

Princess Eugenie was spotted shopping at one of Kate Middleton's favourite maternity stores as she enjoyed the end of lockdown on Wednesday

Film Festival Streams Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime To Mark Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities

The films are curated around the theme of "One World, One Family."

EPF i-Sinar Account 1 withdrawal: Here’s everything you need to know

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has revealed full details for the i-Sinar program which will allow eligible members to make withdrawals from Account 1. The i-Sinar program was introduced to assist members who are affected by the current pandemic situation. Members that wish to take out funds are able to do so online starting from […] The post EPF i-Sinar Account 1 withdrawal: Here’s everything you need to know appeared first on

From menstrual cups to reading lights: The 21 products that have changed our lives.

Here at Mamamia, we're all about working smarter, not harder. And while functionality isn't always at the forefront of our spending brains (please, we're only human), once or twice we find that special item that we'd buy 100 times over for the sheer value it adds to our lives.Side note: Here's what it's like shopping when you're in a relationship v.s. ... Continued

7-Year-Old Orders Food Online, App Glitch Sends 42 Riders To Her Home With The Same Order

Oh no!

Here are the best apps and Games for 2020, according to Apple

It is hard to believe that we are finally at the end of one very long and challenging year. 2020 will definitely go down in history as the year when everyone was forced to find new ways to connect with one another even as we physically distanced ourselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Today […] The post Here are the best apps and Games for 2020, according to Apple appeared first on

Foodpanda S'pore Is Looking For A 'Chief Makan Officer' And You'll Never Guess How Much The Pay Is

Are you up for it?

Covid-19: Malaysian brand launches face mask made of coffee yarn to combat plastic pollution

PETALING JAYA, Dec 2 — It’s not just human health that’s suffering as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mother Nature is struggling with a new wave of plastic pollution as millions of...

Amazon Just Released Its Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bestsellers—Shop Our Favorites

Most of the home and lifestyle items are still on sale!

M’sian Primary School Students No 2 In SEA For Learning Abilities, But There’s A Lot We Can Still Fix

Vietnam got first place.

Covid-19: 5 New Clusters Revealed In KL, Selangor & Johor Today

The new clusters consist of 85 infections so far.

25 Celebrity Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents

Some famous kids really are a chip off the old block. And by that, we mean that these celebrity kids look just like their superstar parents.

“Meat Cartel” Selling Repackaged Fake-Halal Frozen Meats Busted In Johor

The meat cartel repackages imported frozen meats with halal labels.

iOS 14.2: You can now FaceTime in 1080p if you’re using iPhone 8 and above

Apple gave us the lowdown on iOS 14.2 additions like the new emojis—which include the smiling mask emoji. But they didn’t really make any announcements that the iPhone 8 and later have now gained support for 1080p FaceTime HD video calls. According to MacMagazine, Apple quietly updated the specs pages for iPhone 8 and above […] The post iOS 14.2: You can now FaceTime in 1080p if you’re using iPhone 8 and above appeared first on

How to get rid of stretch marks and prevent them, according to dermatologists

You can't get rid of stretch marks completely, but in-office treatments like microneedling and laser therapy can effectively reduce their appearance.

A shield from the sun

LIKE most Asian women, I’m sun phobic. I always carry a small umbrella tucked in my handbag when I’m out and about, and use skincare that incorporates sun protection.

Beauty kits for a different Christmas

THIS year has been nothing short of a steep learning curve about what’s important -- family ties, friendships, self-love and above all, gratitude.

The Season’s Top Chain Necklaces

Discover the Trend on Everyone’s Wishlist

Video Of Workers Unloading Unpackaged Roti Bengali With Bare Hands Leaves Malaysians Disgusted

Roti bengali is a popular snack in Malaysia.

'I swapped my 13-step skincare routine for just 3 products. It changed my skin completely.'

I know a good beauty #shelfie is all the rage right now, but have you ever taken a look at all your products and wondered how the hell you got here?This… all this… is legit what I put on my face every single day. Like… what the f***?Image: Supplied.I used to be the sort of girl who deliberately slept in her ... Continued